Wednesday, July 2, 2014

-MISSING- Series #2 Tu Me Manques.


                                                           Song of day one. 好久不见.

[Day 1]- Frankfurt.

you have been missing in action for hours.

I couldn't sleep well even without the computer next to me.
In fact, it kinda feels worse.

I miss you.


  • Stomach growls and aches (I think it's getting serious bee) 
  • Woke up at 8 this morning. (Had a bad dream. Dreamt about parent's death. got freaked out.) 
  • Waited for your reports 
  • Back to slumber land 
  • Walked around 
  • Astounded by sheer silence.
  • To Station Kopitiam.
  • READ
  • Met Yao Xiang and Qi En
  • Chatted for a bit
  • Came home
  • Dota
  • 3 rounds streak 
  • Watched "Walk of Shame" (Please be careful when you're selecting your outfit. LOL something I learned from this movie is that, skinny minimal cloth clothing lives in prejudice, and is always taken as a hooker wear, SPECIAL DEDICATION TO TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY PEOPLE, AIN'T NO BODY THINK THAT YOUR HOOKER OUTFIT COMES WITH ANY BIT OF SEXY, KEEP YOUR SHIT AND LOCK YOURSELF IN YA WARDROBE THANK YOU FOR COOPERATION) 


The first day is starting to crunch my mind. 


Please take care of yourself. 
Please let me know if anything happens, I'll always be there for you.
Please enjoy your trip.
Please don't miss me.
Please eat more and get hydrated.



Take my kiss in your dream. 


1.11am <---------> 7.11pm

I sat up and switched on the lights.

It's too cold without you around.
Air-conditioner. OFF.

Second attempt to sleep starts now ! 1.12a.m.



  1. Later i wake up your plan fail le wo
    Where's my hot drink HA ?!
    Baby I finished feeding you don't need feed me de la HA?!
    Baby finished drinking le still don't let me put on HA ?!
    Qi Fu wo , HMPH!
    I wonder How will it be when you lift me up leh
    Train :)

  2. TOUCHED when I read it again :)
    I'm so sorry for all the things that doesn't make sense or i'm over disturbing you, I will try my best to be the happiest & the only wife of yours.
    LOVE Cheeng :P